Sunday, September 16, 2012

Race for the Cure

 On June  9th, I ran the Race for the Cure with Lexi and my friend Ann. It was so much fun. 
Lexi and I trained pretty hard for a 5k.  I was training for an AR too so I would run 3 or 4 miles with Dave and we would run with Lexi too.  For a while she was doing 1 mile at a time, then working up to 1 and a half miles and then 2 and finally 2 and half miles.  No matter where we would run in town, when we turned off of Main onto our street, she would pick up the pace steadily until she was sprinting with Dave.  I couldn't keep up with her.  (Sigh) I know in my head my 10 year old is faster than me.  But watching her beat me every time is a little hard:)  Oh well.
So on race day, we ran our hearts out.  Well, until mile 2 anyway.  Lexi doesn't have the endurance to do 3 miles.  (Not many kids do.)  I know that.  So at mile two, I pulled jelly beans out of my pocket and slipped them to her.  Just one at a time.  It helps to keep her mind busy so her feet can keep moving.  Well we got to where we thought we were done, but we had to go 2 more blocks to go!  So we turned left and kept running.  Lexi was really hitting the wall at this point.  Her feet were slapping, her arms were flailing and she was breathing like she was taking her last breath. I was holding her hand and literally pulling her along. Ann was being so helpful. She was like Lexi, let's just get to the finish and you can have a popsicle!  Lexi shouted, "No sugar!" (Ok, so you are like my sister, Tracy, when you exert yourself you can't handle the thought of sugar.  I didn't know this about you.)  So Ann starts backpedaling, ok how about some water. Do you want some yogurt?  I love my friend Ann;) So we turn last corner, to the right and all of sudden Lexi sees the finish line.  She lets go of me and says (in the perkiest little voice ever) "Bye Mom, see you at the finish!" 

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  1. That's hilarious. My Jacob can crush me in a sprint, but it's got to be a fairly short sprint. If he ever learns to pace himself (or was interested in running with me other than to quickly beat me and then rub it in my face), I'd be toast.